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The focus of this research database is on how stress affects women's health, and options for treatment using mind-body therapies.  To obtain full summaries of the articles, see "How to Get Abstracts" below


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Wound Healing


8055468 R

Psychoneuroimmunology: stress effects on pathogenesis and immunity during infection

Thorough review of human and animal studies showing the link between stress, decreased immunity and increased susceptibility to infection.

1994 Clin Microbiol Rev 7;2:200-12

Sheridan, J. F., Dobbs, C., Brown, D., and Zwilling, B.


9611606 R,T

Alternative medicine and wound healing

Review of CAM therapies (acupuncture, energy healing, guided imagery, hypnosis, prayer and relaxation) in wound healing from the Johns Hopkins Wound Healing Center.

1998 Ostomy Wound Manage 44;4:44-6, 48, 50 passim

Papantonio, C.


10440641 R,T

Stress and immunity: implications for viral disease and wound healing

Review of the effects of stress on the signals between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, with implications for wound healing and infection.

1999 J Periodontol 70;7:786-92

Rozlog, L. A., Kiecolt-Glaser, J. K., Marucha, P. T., Sheridan, J. F., and Glaser, R.


3043570 RCT

Effects of relaxation with guided imagery on surgical stress and wound healing

Cholecystectomy patients who listened to a relaxation and guided imagery tape had less anxiety, lower cortisol levels, and less wound erythema.

1988 Res Nurs Health 11;4:235-44

Holden-Lund, C.


9625226 CT

Mucosal wound healing is impaired by examination stress

Dental students took 3 days longer to heal a small punch biopsy of the palate performed just before exams as opposed to a symmetrical biopsy done that previous summer. During exams there was a marked drop in interleukin 1beta.

1998 Psychosom Med 60;3:362-5

Marucha, P. T., Kiecolt-Glaser, J. K., and Favagehi, M.


10232300 JA

Stress-related changes in proinflammatory cytokine production in wounds

Women experiencing increased stress had higher cortisol levels and lower direct cytokine levels within an experimentally induced wound during healing.

1999 Arch Gen Psychiatry 56;5:450-6

Glaser, R., Kiecolt-Glaser, J. K., Marucha, P. T., MacCallum, R. C., Laskowski, B. F., and Malarkey, W. B.


7475659 MCC

Slowing of wound healing by psychological stress

Women who were primary Alzheimer's caregivers took 8 days longer to heal a skin punch biopsy than matched controls.

1995 Lancet 346;8984:1194-6

Kiecolt-Glaser, J. K., Marucha, P. T., Malarkey, W. B., Mercado, A. M., and Glaser, R.


11292268 JA

Psychological factors and delayed healing in chronic wounds

Delayed wound healing of extremity ulcers was significantly associated with depression and anxiety.

2001 Psychosom Med 63;2:216-20

Cole-King, A. and Harding, K. G.


11572849 JA

The scientific study of unusual rapid wound healing: a case report

Documented case from Case Western Reserve of a Sufi practitioner who inserted an unsterilized metal skewer through one cheek and out the other, denying pain. One puncture was healed within two minutes.

2001 Adv Mind Body Med 17;3:203-9

Hall, H., Don, N. S., Hussein, J. N., White, E., and Hostoffer, R.





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