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After many years in Walnut Creek, California as a regular ob/gyn, performing surgeries and delivering thousands of babies, Dr. Stein has decided to concentrate on something she has always believed in--the importance of a woman understanding both her body and how her life and body interact. (Hence the center's slogan information and insight.)  Through countless experiences with her patients, she has seen how life events, coping skills, support networks, preparation for what lay ahead, and self perspective have impacted her patients symptoms and health status.

Dr. Stein is now in a position to formally concentrate on the interface between medicine and life's realities. Her practice is solely office-based, which avoids emergency interruptions, and enables her to provide intensive, focused, personalized care. Two hour initial appointments, which include a thorough history and physical, enable her to spend considerable time answering questions and treating each woman as a whole person. In addition, she can translate surgical and medical reports, do internet searches, and coach women on how to approach and talk to their other doctors.

Dr. Stein's academic credentials:

BS Biology Stanford University '74
MD Dartmouth Medical School '77
Ob/Gyn Residency Stanford University Medical Center '81
Board Certified in Ob/Gyn '83
Certified in Interactive Imagery '99

California State Medical License G-38790


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“What is Mind-Body Medicine, and How Can it be Used in Ob/Gyn?”
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“Practicum: Quick, Simple and Effective Beginning Relaxation Techniques”
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“Abuse and Assault: a National Health Crisis for Women”
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“Abuse and Violence against Women”
Stein, H and Blumenthal, P ACOG Precis, in press

Professional affiliations:

Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Stanford University Medical  
   Center Ob/Gyn Department
Director, Stanford Gynecology Department Mind-Body
   Surgery Support Program
Co-Chair and Webmaster, Stanford University Medical
   Center Family Abuse Prevention Council
Member, Medical Subcommittee of Santa Clara County
   Domestic Violence Council
Fellow, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Member, North American Menopause Society
Member, Academy on Violence and Abuse
Member, Imagery International
Member, International Pelvic Pain Society
Member, North American Society for Psychosocial
   Ob/Gyn (NASPOG)
Member, Endometriosis Association
Member and listserve administrator, Stanford Integrative
   Medicine Society

Besides being a physician, Dr. Stein is a wife and mother, and has been through many of the same ob/gyn experiences as her patients.  This enhanced perspective from having been on both sides of the table is coupled with her training in Mind-Body Medicine and Interactive Imagery. She is the first ob/gyn in the country to also be certified in Interactive Imagery, and is very pleased to be able to offer this invaluable resource as an added dimension of care. [See Imagery.]


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